Reliability Technician - Elyria, Ohio

Job Description

  • Executes condition monitoring of machinery as an integral component of the overall reliability program for the site. This position is responsible for machine vibration and thermography data collection, documentation, and reporting. This position also provides a supporting role in results analysis and resulting repairs.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct field data collection on operating machines according to the Predictive Maintenance Schedule or special requests through work orders.
  • Report results to assigned reliability, maintenance, and asset engineers.
  • Maintain and manage Vibration and Thermography Databases including daily/weekly Predictive Maintenance schedules and follow up comments from the field.
  • Analyze vibration data using historical data and computerized statistical and diagnostic tools, document results, and make recommendations based upon as-found condition.
  • Participate in failure analysis and problem-solving activities using vibration and thermography data, expertise, and history.
  • Participate in formal Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) as needed.
  • Perform quality-of-repair assessments by conducting vibration and thermography analysis on machinery and re-establishing a baseline signature.
  • Manage all vibration and thermography data collection equipment.
    • Write work orders for equipment out of calibration or not working correctly
    • Assist with vibration equipment purchase and storage.
    • Make recommendations for upgrades and as equipment becomes obsolete.
  • Assist with design, installation, and repair of permanent or continuous vibration systems.

Supporting Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide recommendations for the Predictive Maintenance schedule, frequencies, and equipment data collection.
  • Annual assessment of routes for predetermined equipment.
  • Assist with machine and motor shop audits.
  • Support other reliability programs, such as Ultrasound, Shell Thickness, Motor Circuit Analysis, and Lubrication, as needed.


  • Vibration Level II or higher certified. Ability to become Level III certified preferable.
  • Thermography Level II or higher certified, or in process of Level II or higher certification, or Level I certification with appropriate industrial experience.

We are an equal opportunity employer.
Women, minorities, veterans and individuals with
disabilities are encouraged to apply.