We’re looking for someone who can convey ideas through engineering drawings, sketches and labels. If you can design projects for ease of manufacturing and installation, which includes understand building vocabulary, interpreting blueprint details and building plans and then bringing these images to life with the use of computer-aided design (CAD) programs: then we would like to speak to you further.


We have:


  • A growing design and engineering team that work together hand in hand
  • Easy to learn but highly robust CAD programs that feed our manufacturing plant
  • Systems in place to keep our incoming and outgoing workload streamlined
  • On-the-job training that allows you to put your new found knowledge to immediate use
  • A great work atmosphere and the opportunity to advance your career from within
  • A company benefit package rarely found in the construction industry


You have:


  • Two year technical college degree with a focus on construction
  • Knowledge of framing techniques
  • An analytical side that can calculate design loads, load paths and size headers, beams, joists and lumber according to standard engineering principles
  • The ability to interpret drawings, read blueprints and visualize details in 3D
  • Critical thinking skills that can foresee potential problems and make changes accordingly
  • Planning and organization skills to get the job done within deadline
  • A detail-oriented nature that can check work for accuracy
  • The technical know-how to work within Microsoft Word


We prefer you have:


  • Two years of residential structural design experience
  • Experience with the following software:

º Envisioneer – Cadsoft

º StruCalc

º MiTek Sapphire

  • Knowledge of International Building Codes (IBC) and International Residential Codes (IRC)
  • Knowledge of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Codes (UDC)

We are an equal opportunity employer.
Women, minorities, veterans and individuals with
disabilities are encouraged to apply.